About the collection

Hand sketched– Workmanship– Sustainable

“I’ve always been captivated by patterns, textures and colors. I decided to embark on this new adventure and create a collection of home textile and wallcoverings that reflects my aesthetics and passion for design.”

Being environmentally conscious is important to us, so we print on eco-friendly and sustainable textiles, using water-based fabrics and wallpaper dyes.

Our finishing process is unique for each pattern, preserving the old method of silk-screen printing, (using artisan craftsmanship), while blending more cutting edge digital printing processes.

Our mission is to inspire fresh, colorful and happy spaces.



Originally from Argentina, residing in New York

“I grew up surrounded by my family who shared a love for art, cooking, gardening, painting, pottery making, and since an early age I knew art takes many shapes and forms.”

“I find my inspiration in different ways; by visiting museums where I can spend so many hours looking at impressionist, cubism and modern art; by traveling to different places and by being surrounded by nature which includes my enthusiasm for raising chickens and growing an organic garden with my children.”

Paula has over 10 years of experience within the design industry.

She attended Parsons School of Design where she studied fashion design and FIT where she received a degree in Marketing Communications and Digital Advertising.